Go 對 Android 的支援

GoogleDavid Crawshaw 提出了「Go support for Android」的計畫。

提案中是希望 Go 1.4 可以開始支援:

During the Go 1.4 cycle, GOOS=android will be introduced to the Go repository, along with cgo support on Android (contributed by Elias Naur). Dalvik/ART-loadable .so files will be produced using the external linker provided in the Android NDK.

不確定 Go 目前的運作方式是怎麼樣 (i.e. Google 的影響力到底有多少),前幾天才出 1.3:「Go 1.3 is released」,1.4 應該還有一段時間才有機會看到。

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