DigitalOcean 新加坡機房支援 IPv6...

DigitalOcean 宣佈新加坡機房 SGP1 支援 IPv6:「Announcing IPv6 Support in Singapore」。

新加坡機房是第一個 DigitalOcean 機房可以上 IPv6 的原因是因為跑新版的架構 XDDD

SGP1 is the first datacenter to have IPv6 support because it is running v1.5 of our backend code base. The new version was completely rewritten from the ground up and provides many benefits over the current v1.0 code.

不過沒看到 IPv6 range,沒辦法測試... (我的 blog 是放在加州,目前還沒有 IPv6 可以玩...)

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