Google 在 Chrome 內的 PGP:End-to-End

Google 前天發表了 Chrome 裡面的 PGP 實做套件:「Making end-to-end encryption easier to use」。

目前只放出了 source code,並沒有在 Chrome Web Store 上架,這點在網站上就直接說明了,他們目前認為目前沒有被足夠的人檢查過,所以請不要傳到 Chrome Web Store 上:

Since this is source, I could just build this and submit it to the Chrome Web Store

Please don’t do this.

The End-To-End team takes its responsibility to provide solid crypto very seriously, and we don’t want at-risk groups that may not be technically sophisticated — journalists, human-rights workers, et al — to rely on End-To-End until we feel it’s ready. Prematurely making End-To-End available could have very serious real world ramifications.

One of the reasons we are doing this source code release is precisely so that the community as a whole can help us make sure that we haven’t overlooked anything in our implementation of End-To-End.

Once we feel that End-To-End is ready, we will release it via the Chrome Web Store ourselves.

而為了鼓勵大家去找問題,雖然這是很新的軟體,但已經將 End-to-End 直接納入 Vulnerability Reward Program 裡:

And we mean it: our Vulnerability Reward Program offers financial awards for finding security bugs in Google code, including End-to-End.

不過傳統的方法還是會更可靠一些,畢竟 JavaScript 沒辦法很仔細控制記憶體內容,在放掉的記憶體空間內可能會包含某些未加密的資訊,甚至是 private key 的資訊。

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