Vagrant 1.6.3

Vagrant 官方沒公告,但在 GitHub 上可以看到 Changelog:「1.6.3 (May 29, 2014)」。

本來在 Docker provider 上有兩個 workaround 要設定 (docker.has_ssh 以及 override.ssh.port),現在都不需要了,預設值就有幫你自動偵測:

  • providers/docker: Better error messaging when SSH is not ready direct to container. [GH-3763]
  • providers/docker: Don't port map SSH port if container doesn't support SSH. [GH-3857]
  • providers/docker: Proper SSH info if using native driver. [GH-3799]
  • providers/docker: Verify host VM has SSH ready. [GH-3838]


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