44.1kHz 的由來...

在「Explanation of 44.1 kHz CD sampling rate」這邊看到 44.1kHz 的解釋...

這個數字反而是跟 video 有關而設計出來的:

In 60 Hz video, there are 35 blanked lines, leaving 490 lines per frame or 245 lines per field, so the sampling rate is given by :

60 X 245 X 3 = 44.1 KHz

In 50 Hz video, there are 37 lines of blanking, leaving 588 active lines per frame, or 294 per field, so the same sampling rate is given by

50 X 294 X3 = 44.1 Khz.

而後來 44.1kHz 被拿去 CD 規格裡使用而被廣泛應用...

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