Microsoft OneDrive for Business 會主動修改檔案內容...

先說 Microsoft OneDrive for Business,這個產品的定位是:

OneDrive for Business is cloud storage for business.
(取自 OneDrive for Business 網站 html 內的 description。)

但前幾天看到「Microsoft OneDrive for Business modifies files as it syncs」這篇新聞,提到 OneDrive for Business 會修改檔案內容:

透過 MD5 確認發現 MD5 值不相符的 screenshot。


不像是 cloud storage 應該有的行為...

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2 Responses to Microsoft OneDrive for Business 會主動修改檔案內容...

  1. Dennis Cheung says:

    OMG, conditional comment is EOL in IE11, but still alive in the cloud.

    OneDrive itself do the modification or the Offce365 does?

  2. Mowd Chen says:

    太誇張了,連php 都改?

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