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在「The MySQL 5.7.4 Milestone Release is available」這篇可以看到 MySQL 5.7.4 的消息。除了 InnoDB 的改善外,可以看到對 AES 加密的功能 (AES Encryption Modes)。


Historically, and still used as defaults in 5.6 and 5.7, we are using a relatively small key size (128 bits, corresponding to “SECRET” according to NSA) and block mode (ECB, encrypting equal blocks with equal code blocks) to calculate the cipher.

居然是支援 ECB,這會不會驚爆我的眼球啊,我以為最少是 CTR...

ECB 代表相同內容的 block 就會被加密成相同的密文,這樣就有很多可以攻擊的方式了。而 CTR 至少可以抵抗這一點...

另外一個賣點是「InnoDB Spatial Indexes in 5.7.4 LAB release」,目前只支援二維資料:

Currently, InnoDB spatial index supports only two dimension data, but we do have plan to extend to multi-dimension. In addition, we are doing more performance tuning to make it more efficient.

R-tree 實做的,畢竟是個開始...

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