AWS 進入北京!

早上的時候就有看到消息了,而剛剛在 AWS 老大 Werner VogelsTwitter 上看到他宣佈 AWS 北京區的成立:

官方公告在「Coming Soon - New China (Beijing) Region」這邊。中國大陸的官方網站在「亚马逊 AWS | Cloud Computing in China on Amazon Web Services (Simplified Chinese)」這邊。


This Region will allow China-based and multinational companies to make use of a broad collection of AWS services while remaining in compliance with China's legal and regulatory requirements.

要注意的是,目前列出來的服務並沒有 CloudFrontRoute53,只有看到這樣的說明:

We have been working with a number of local data center, bandwidth, and content delivery partners to bring this Region to life. Companies such as China Net Center and SINNET will provide the infrastructure, network services, and CDN services that are required to support the launch and operation of AWS technology services in China.


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