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在「Linear algebra tutorial in four pages」這邊看到,先是回想之前大學學過的線性代數,好像不太可能用四頁搞定啊...

看了 PDF 後發現只講了最簡單以及一些實際應用,比較複雜的部份就沒有講了... 不過對於已經忘光的人拿來復健應該還是很有用... XD

不過如果以這種寫法,十頁說不定有機會把更複雜的部份寫完?像是比較長的 cheatsheet...

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  1. ivanistheone says:


    You're right. I would need 6 more pages to cover all the topics, but I thought linear transformations + matrix-vector product is the most essential part.

    It's hard to compress and explain in a few sentences ;) working on it...

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