Cisco 將會付 H.264 的授權費用...

前幾天看到的大新聞,Cisco 實做了 BSD license 的 H.264 並且付了專利費用:「Open-Sourced H.264 Removes Barriers to WebRTC」。

依照 Cisco 的說法,是為了推動 WebRTC 而決定這樣做的:

Many, including Cisco, have been backing H.264, the industry standard which today powers much of the video on the Internet. We strongly believe that interoperability is an essential goal of standards activities and that usage of H.264 by WebRTC means it will be able to interconnect, without transcoding, to a large set of existing clients from a multitude of vendors.

Mozilla 也打算用這份授權支援 H.264:「Video Interoperability on the Web Gets a Boost From Cisco’s H.264 Codec」。

不過,source code 好像還沒放出來啊?在 OpenH264 這邊寫著「Source Code Coming Soon」...

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