昨天一整天 網域下的網站都被擋掉:

Twitter 上也有看到 Rasmus Lerdorf 在抱怨:

Rasmus 說是 false positive (誤判),不過我是不太直接相信他講的話...

剛剛看到 Netcraft 整理了一些資料出來「 blocked by Google: False positive or not?」,裡面有不少東西可以看...


However, a short moment ago, a Hacker News user posted some obfuscated JavaScript that was found appended to a possibly cached version of the userprefs.js script, suggesting that the website may have been compromised recently.

The obfuscated JavaScript inserts an iframe into the webpage, which loads content from an external site known for distributing malware. Google Chrome blocks the inclusion of any content from known malware domains, although the injected content in this case no longer appears to be accessible.

這段有問題的 javascript code 的解讀可以在這裡看到說明。

如果的確是 compromise,那這事就沒完了,接下來還要找是從哪個洞進來的... 不過以 的情況,(消音)...

One thought on “ 被擋的後續分析...”

  1. Kuom says:

    不是誤判唷 :)

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