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前幾天解密的文件證實了先前的傳言:美國法院可以以協助犯罪搜查的名義,強制商業公司交出 SSL Private Key 給 FBI,並且可以用「偵查犯罪中」的理由要求公司不得公開這件事情。

報導在這:「Edward Snowden’s E-Mail Provider Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys, Documents Show」,解密的文件 (整個系列的文件) 則在「Redacted Pleadings Exhibits 1 23」這邊可以讀到。

Edward Snowden 的 E-mail 服務提供商 Lavabit 在七月時被法院要求配合調查,其中被要求交出 SSL Private Key:

A week later, prosecutors upped the ante and obtained the search warrant demanding “all information necessary to decrypt communications sent to or from the Lavabit e-mail account [redacted] including encryption keys and SSL keys.”

而且「交出 SSL key 這件事情」不得公開:

The judge also rejected Lavabit’s motion to unseal the record. “This is an ongoing criminal investigation, and there’s no leeway to disclose any information about it.”

而 Lavabit 最後決定以紙本形式提供:

In an interesting work-around, Levison complied the next day by turning over the private SSL keys as an 11 page printout in 4-point type. The government, not unreasonably, called the printout “illegible.”

在法院要求提供電子格式後,Levison (Lavabit 的頭) 決定讓 Lavabit 停止服務,同時因為受限封口令,網站上只能寫得很隱晦,表達對美國的不信任:

這件事情預定要到第四巡迴庭去打:「Let's rally for Lavabit to fight for the privacy rights of the American people. | Rally.org」。

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