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看到「Majority of Tor crypto keys could be broken by NSA, researcher says」,說明 NSA 曾經跟 IBM 訂作特殊晶片:

"Everyone seems to agree that if anything, the NSA can break 1024 RSA/DH keys," Graham wrote in a blog post published Friday. "Assuming no 'breakthroughs,' the NSA can spend $1 billion on custom chips that can break such a key in a few hours. We know the NSA builds custom chips, they've got fairly public deals with IBM foundries to build chips."

而目前大多數的 Tor 節點都是用 2.3.x 的版本 (使用 1024bits DHE),官方網站目前也是提供 2.3.x 下載,只有少數使用 2.4.x (使用 ECDHE),不過一時間找不到 ECDHE 用多長的 EC key,所以也不清楚抵抗能力到底到麼程度...

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