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Slashdot 上看到「Brain Zapping Improves Math Ability」,裡面提到基礎數學能力不好的人可以透過電擊腦袋改善... XD

原報導在「Trouble With Math? Maybe You Should Get Your Brain Zapped」這篇,論文資料在「Long-Term Enhancement of Brain Function and Cognition Using Cognitive Training and Brain Stimulation」(有 PDF 可以看)。

同樣的研究在兩年半前就被提出來:「Brain Zaps Improve Math」,不過兩年半前的研究並沒有找出在現實生活中的改善幅度:

However, it wasn't clear how those basic numerical skills would translate to real-world math ability.

不過這也不是永久有效... 每半年被電一次嗎 XD

Now, a new study suggests that a gentle, painless electrical current applied to the brain can boost math performance for up to 6 months.

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