htpasswd 的 SHA 不會帶 salt (seed)...

剛剛發現 htpasswd (Apache.htpasswd 檔案產生程式) 提供的 SHA-1 不會使用 salt,不過 MD5 格式會...


gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] touch test.txt
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -m test.txt test1 test
Adding password for user test1
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -m test.txt test2 test
Adding password for user test2
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -s test.txt test3 test
Adding password for user test3
gslin@colo-p [~] [17:44/W7] htpasswd -b -s test.txt test4 test
Adding password for user test4



依照說明,htpasswd 使用的 SHA 是移植自 Netscape server 的 LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif):

Use SHA encryption for passwords. Facilitates migration from/to Netscape servers using the LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif).

在安全疑慮 (Security Considerations) 上也有註明 htpasswd 使用的 SHA 是不帶 salt:

The SHA encryption format does not use salting: for a given password, there is only one encrypted representation.

現在密碼儲存應該是朝 bcryptPBKDF2 發展,參考依林姊姊的「請愛用 bcrypt 和 PBKDF2」,後者 PBKDF2 被用在 WPA2 上。

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