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Slashdot 上看到的文章:「UK Government Mandates 'Preference' For Open Source」,引用的新聞是「Government mandates 'preference' for open source」,英國政府的說明原文則是在「Open source — Government Service Design Manual」。

第一段就馬上說明無論是作業系統、網路軟體、網站伺服器、資料庫,甚至是程式語言,都應該優先考慮 open source 方案,再考慮 closed source 替代方案:

Use open source software in preference to proprietary or closed source alternatives, in particular for operating systems, networking software, Web servers, databases and programming languages.

只有在少數狀況下才應該使用 SaaS 或是安裝非 open source 軟體替代:

Problems which are rare, or specific to a domain may be best answered by using software as a service, or by installing proprietary software.

不過這份 manual 還未定案,還可以看看會有什麼更新...

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