ARM Server 與 Intel Server 的比較...

在「ARM Based Server Cluster Benchmarked」看到有人對 ARMIntel 的 x86 (x86_64) 架構比較。原文在「Calxeda's ARM server tested」,ARM 的部份是以 Calxedas 的 server 測試。

重點其實在第 13 頁:

So on the one hand, no, the current Calxeda servers are no Intel Xeon killers (yet). However, we feel that the Calxeda's ECX-1000 server node is revolutionary technology. When we ran 16 VMs (instead of 24), the dual low power Xeon was capable of achieving the same performance per VM as the Calxeda server nodes. That this 24 node system could offer 50% more throughput at 10% lower power than one of the best Xeon machines available was honestly surprising to us.

雖然知道 ARM 的單位能量所產生的效能比較好,但比我想像中少... 我以為同樣電力會到兩倍。如果只有 50%+ 的話,也難怪各家都還在評估,而非大力換掉 :o

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