AMD CPU bug 問題...

去年年底時 Matthew DillonDragonFly BSD mailing list 上的說明:「Buildworld loop seg-fault update -- I believe it is hardware」,以及今年三月從 AMD 確認問題「AMD cpu bug update -- AMD confirms! (additional info)」。

可以從 mailing list 上看到他想辦法重製問題的方法 (從兩天才能重製,到小於 60 秒就能重製),讓他覺得最棘手的原因是無法引入工具:

Debugging the issue in userland (and kernelland) is extremely difficult because most debugging mechanisms caused the problem to stop occuring.

當故事看還蠻... 有趣?(當事人大概不這麼覺得)

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