PuTTY 0.61

昨天看到 PuTTY 出 0.61 了:「PuTTY version 0.61 is released」,相隔四年多的另外一個新版。

看 New features 裡面,我看到一點還蠻有趣的:

On Windows: the Appearance panel now includes a checkbox to allow the selection of non-fixed-width fonts, which PuTTY will coerce into a fixed-width grid in its terminal emulation. In particular, this allows you to use GNU Unifont and Fixedsys Excelsior. (Thanks to Randall Munroe for a serious suggestion that inspired this.)

這代表可以用各種奇怪的字體嗎?主力系統換成 Ubuntu 後就沒用 PuTTY 了...

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