Facebook 將繼續提供 IPv6 的服務...

World IPv6 Day 結束了,結束後第一個看到公告的是 Facebook 在「Exciting Results from World IPv6 Day」提到的:

Based on the encouraging results, we’ve decided to leave our Developer site dual-stacked, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6. And we will continue to adapt our entire code base and tools to support IPv6.

也就是 developers.facebook.com 仍然會保留 IPv6 & IPv4 位置:

developers.facebook.com. 30 IN AAAA 2620:0:1c00:0:face:b00c:0:7

不過這次 World IPv6 Day 以 Facebook 的量也才看到 1 million users 啊...

另外觀察到 www.limelightnetworks.com 還繼續有 IPv6 服務:

www.limelightnetworks.com. 128 IN CNAME llnw.vo.llnwd.net.
llnw.vo.llnwd.net. 257 IN AAAA 2402:6800:720:11:230:48ff:fed9:f114
llnw.vo.llnwd.net. 257 IN AAAA 2402:6800:720:11:230:48ff:fe8d:aa74


www.hinet.net. 300 IN AAAA 2001:b000:180:3::7

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