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AWS 的「Service Health Dashboard」上可以看到美東機房從 PDT 1:41 AM (台灣時間是 4:41 PM) 開始介入,到現在五個多小時了...

下午本來要跑一堆東西,看起來得晚上做了,明天來凹一下老闆,下午再進公司好了... :o

Update:在 Service Health Dashboard 上面總算有初步的原因了:

8:54 AM PDT We'd like to provide additional color on what were working on right now (please note that we always know more and understand issues better after we fully recover and dive deep into the post mortem). A networking event early this morning triggered a large amount of re-mirroring of EBS volumes in US-EAST-1. This re-mirroring created a shortage of capacity in one of the US-EAST-1 Availability Zones, which impacted new EBS volume creation as well as the pace with which we could re-mirror and recover affected EBS volumes. Additionally, one of our internal control planes for EBS has become inundated such that it's difficult to create new EBS volumes and EBS backed instances. We are working as quickly as possible to add capacity to that one Availability Zone to speed up the re-mirroring, and working to restore the control plane issue. We're starting to see progress on these efforts, but are not there yet. We will continue to provide updates when we have them.


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