Twitter 新機房,以及數據...

Twitter Engineer Blog 上的「The Great Migration, the Winter of 2011」這篇文章裡提到了 Twitter 預定搬機房的行程,裡面有些數據...


Today, the feed and care of Twitter requires more than 200 engineers to keep the site growing and running smoothly.

機器數量超過 1000 台:(用 thousands 這個詞)

Simultaneously, our operations engineers divided into new teams and built new processes and software to allow us to qualify, burn-in, deploy, tear-down and monitor the thousands of servers, routers, and switches that are required to build out and operate Twitter.

Tweet 的資料量:

Once we proved our replication strategy worked, we built out the full Twitter stack, and copied all 20TB of Tweets, from @jack’s first to @honeybadger’s latest Tweet to the second data center.

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