PHP 的 Heroku

在「PHP Fog Raises $1.8 Million To Be The Heroku Of PHP」裡面提到兩家:PHP FogcloudControl

兩者都是以 PHP 為底層語言基礎的平台。其中 PHP Fog 還沒開張,而 cloudControl 已經開張了,以歐洲的 EC2 為底層。

不過 cloudControl 選用 Bazaar 為版本管理系統,這點不知道是什麼考量... (PHP 是用 Subversion)

2 thoughts on “PHP 的 Heroku”

  1. Hey, thanks f0r mentioning cloudControl. We're up and running. Feel free to try our free deveveloper account (first box is free and there are couple of free add-ons like mysql, mongo, memcached, new relic, etc. available) You can user bazaar, which is quite similar to SVN), or Git.
    Happy coding!

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