Facebook 的 PHP 加速計畫

Facebook 的開發者在「HipHop for PHP: Move Fast」這篇的說明,也就是 HPHPi 計畫。

這個計畫 Facebook 的團隊花了兩年的時間公開,到現在有 90% 的 PHP server 跑在上面,平均起來比起 well-tuned PHP 還快了 50%。但目前還沒看到 code,而且以文章的說明並不清楚到底採用什麼方式,只有看到這樣解釋:

When using HPHPi you don't need to compile your PHP source code before running it. It's helped us catch bugs in HipHop itself and provides engineers a way to use HipHop without changing how they write PHP.

Update:在 developers.facebook.com 上列出 HipHop for PHP,不過 github 連結還沒生效。在 USTREAM 這邊有份大約 40 分鐘的錄影:「Facebook Technology Tasting - HipHop for PHP 」。

4 thoughts on “Facebook 的 PHP 加速計畫”

  1. 前面一段有解釋hiphop,他是在作transform to C++然後編譯成native code。你引用的那的hiphopi,原文有這一段。

    We have also developed HPHPi, which is an experimental interpreter designed for development.

  2. Overall HipHop allows us to keep the best aspects of PHP while taking advantage of the performance benefits of C++. In total, we have written over 300,000 lines of code and more than 5,000 unit tests. All of this will be released this evening on GitHub under the open source PHP license.

    明明最下面就寫著這麼清楚, 看都不看清楚就講那麼大聲.

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