ZFS 的 dedupe 工具

Slashdot 上看到 ZFS 也在發展 block-level dedupe 的工具:「ZFS Gets Built-In Deduplication」。這東西應該已經有一票軟體專利在前面阻撓,尤其是 SAN 廠商手上應該都有不少這類型的專利...

Block-level Data Deduplication 指的是重複的 block 區塊可以用 reference 紀錄,而非複製完整的 block。等到有修改時再複製修改,也就是 Copy-on-write


ExaGrid's patented byte-level deduplication (content aware), NEC's HydraStor (Content Aware Deduplication Technology) , IBM's ProtecTier, Quantum, EMC/Data Domain, Symantec NetBackup PureDisk, EMC Avamar, Sepaton, FalconStor VTL, SIR, FDS (Virtual Tape Library, Single Instance Repository, and File Deduplication System) are some notable names.

應該會有人跳出來告吧?還是 SunOracle 手上跟這些廠商有神秘的 agreement?

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