Amazon SimpleDB 降價

Amazon Web Services 最近動作好多 XD

Amazon SimpleDB 是一個類似 Google BigTable 的資料庫服務。從 2008/12/1 開始,Amazon 決定降價!Data Storage 的部份除了從 USD$1.50/GB 降到 USD$0.25/GB (原來的 1/6!),還另外提供六個月免費「試玩」的 quota:

We've made the business decision to go with SimpleDB even simpler than it was before. You can now get started for free. For at least the next six months, you can consume up to 500 MB of storage, and you can use up to 25 machine hours each month. You can transfer 1 GB of data in, and another 1 GB out. You can move as much data to and from Amazon EC2 as you would like, for free.

試玩的 quota 如上所寫,500MB、25 machine hours/month、1GB/month 流入流量、1GB/month 流出流量。

站如果不大,幾乎不會花到錢 :p

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