Google Chrome 的市場佔有率

GetClicky Analytics Service Tracking 2% Google Chrome Usage 這篇文章看到 GetClicky 在 45000 個網站即時統計 (實際上是 15 mins) 出來的結果。

目前我看到的是 1.91400% (reload 後變成 1.87233%... XD),應該會繼續往下跌,不過不知道會跌到什麼地方。

Update:現在是 2.78387% 了... @_@

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome 的市場佔有率”

  1. 這是剛剛的 XD
    Google Chrome global market share


    As of Sep 2 2008 10:47pm PST (GMT -8). Updated every 15 minutes.
    Calculated from the last several hours of data from over 45,000 unique web sites on Clicky Web Analytics.

    For comparison's sake, here is the market share for all the other major browsers across 45,000 web sites:

    MSIE: 52.11405%
    Firefox: 35.53977%
    Opera: 1.19616%
    Safari: 6.23804%
    Mobile: 0.96637%
    Console (Wii, etc): 0.06477%
    Other: 1.02967%

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