MyISAM 在 FreeBSD 上效率不好的原因?

Jeff Roberson (也就是目前 FreeBSD 上 SCHED_ULE 的維護者) 的 blog 上說了這樣的話:(原文章連結)

MyISAM performance is terrible in FreeBSD 7.0 due to the user-space pthread_rwlock implementation. Just a word of warning if you intend to deploy a database server based on 7.0. I am certain we will have this fixed in 7.1. It will most likely be in CURRENT in a week or two.

所以不是我在「FreeBSD 上的 MySQL 效率」這裡想的 Filesystem I/O 問題?來等 Jeff Roberson 的 patch 吧...

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