Layeredtech 將提供介面重開的服務...

收到這封信,不知道是不是因為這兩天 ticket 猛開的關係排進優先升級的名單中...

As you may know, Layered Technologies (LT) has been preparing to launch a new FREE "Remote Reboot" feature, which will enable you to reboot your server, as well as Power ON/OFF directly from Encompass (LT’s NEW client portal). This will allow you to Reboot or Power On/Off your server without LT support.

The free upgrade installations are scheduled to begin within the next few weeks and continue for several weeks. Your servers listed below are scheduled for this FREE upgrade. If you have servers other than those listed below, you may receive multiple notifications and installation dates since we are installing this upgrade in segments throughout our Data Centers.

這對於一般情況的 server crash 來說還蠻方便的...

One thought on “Layeredtech 將提供介面重開的服務...”

  1. leeym says:

    噗... 我也是猛開 ticket, 開到 support team lead 親自跑出來回信. 不過在我一天重開十次以後, 我就決定退費了.

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