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因為 依林姊姊去印度,機器沒人愛就開始天天當機... 只好跟 不斷的開 ticket 殺來殺去...

這三天總共開了四個 ticket:

  • [#LTRBTR #BLP-xxxxx-xxx]: Cannot access server:其實在這個 ticket 的前幾天就一直當,這個 ticket 是請他們重開機器處理,另外在 ticket 裡提到 mbmon 跑出來的溫度比以前高。
  • [#LTTR #HMT-xxxxx-xxx]: Our server's temperature is a little high:這個 ticket 是又當掉,請他們處理,順便再提一次溫度的問題,請他們看一下是不是有風扇故障,機房的人員進去看以後回信給我:「The fans are all working correctly, however there was an obstruction on the vent on the side of the case. I have moved the obstruction and the temp should return to normal.」,於是我就暫時先丟著。
  • [#LTTR #BIX-xxxxx-xxx]: Our server's temperature is higher than before:又當了,所以又開了一個 ticket,這次我在 ticket 裡面主動同意他們停機將機器拆開來檢查看看是不是 CPU fan 有問題或其他之類的,回答是:「I have taken a look at your server, and there were some power cables directly over your CPU fan. I not sure if the power cables were making contract. However I have moved them hopefully this will lowing your CPU temperature.」,他把電源線移開後我繼續觀察。
  • [#LTTR #BKM-xxxxx-xxxxx]: Server crash again:又當了,我 ticket 裡面請他們直接看看硬體有沒有問題。在信件往返中間他們提出更換主機板 (換行的部份我拿掉了:「I'd like to replace your server's chassis with a new one. What time/day would be best for you? Please advise. Thank you」),我同意他們隨時都可以 shutdown 我們的主機後機器大約離線了一個小時 (「You can shut down the server to replace chassis anytime, thank you.」),之後他們說再開機的時候發現網路卡的部份起不來 (「Your server will be brought down momentarily to do a chassis swap, please stand by.」、「I am escalating your ticket to level 2 for further investigation. I was able to do chassis swap, but now I am having trouble with the eth0. Please stand by.」),目前看起來起來了。


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