Uncensored image hosting 這篇文章裡提到 因為消息走漏結果造成大量的使用者湧入:

Actually, calling it a launch is wrong, the information that the site was on its way leaked out and all of a sudden we had 150Mbit pr second of traffic to the system, a system not yet optimized for that kind of traffic!

另外是一些數字,目前已經有十五萬張圖以及五百萬的 PV,同時在 上面的名次衝進全球 1000 名內:

We already have over 5 million image views. You people have uploaded about 150.000 images and the site skyrocketed the first days into one of the 300 biggest sites on the web!

另外在 上剛好同時看到 The Pirate Bay and Uncensored HostingisoHunt and TorrentSpy to Filter Torrents 兩篇強烈對比的文章,其實還蠻有趣的。

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