上看到有篇文章在講 的用法:Automate the creation of graphs with Graphviz,拿前幾天用 畫的 架構再畫一次:


附上 d2.gv,上圖是用 dot -Tpng -o d2.png d2.gv 產生出來的:

digraph G {
    "D2 E-mail System"->{"Users" "Department"};
    "Users"->"Basic Data";
    "Users"->"Student Number";
    "Users"->"Student Department"->"Department";
    "Users"->"Forwarding E-mail";
    "Users"->"Creation Date";
    "Users"->"Creation IP";
    "Users"->"Last Login Date";
    "Users"->"Last Login IP";
    "Basic Data"->"ID";
    "Basic Data"->"Real Name";
    "Basic Data"->"Permanent Address";
    "Basic Data"->"Permanent Telephone";
    "Basic Data"->"Contact Address";
    "Basic Data"->"Contact Telephone";
    "Basic Data"->"Mobile Telephone";

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