Microsoft 與 Novell 沒有誠意的合作

最重要的精神之一是「散佈的自由」(列在 的第一項),但 這次跟 合作的授權條款是禁止散佈的:Microsoft's Patent Pledge "Worse Than Useless"

這次的授權內容只包括了 可以互相使用對方的專利而不被告,但不得再散佈,於是這些使用微軟專利的軟體只能在 上跑,而不能在其他 平台上跑:(標粗體的部分)

Microsoft hereby covenants not to assert Microsoft Patents against each Individual Contributor (also referred to as “You”) for Your distribution of Your personally authored original work (“Original Work”) directly to, but only if, and to the extent, (i) Your Original Work becomes part of SUSE Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and (ii) You ensure that as a result of Your contribution,, and all further recipients of Your Original Work, do not receive any licenses, covenants or any other rights under any Microsoft intellectual property. This pledge is personal to You and does not apply to any use or distribution of Your Original Work by others.

授權內容請參考 上的 Community Commitments - Microsoft & Novell Interoperability Collaboration

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