Add support for DESTDIR part I.

This commit should largele be a NOOP as it only adds support for DESTDIR undefined. This does allow us to start testing ports with DESTDIR set, but this is as of yet not supported.

Although this has been extensively tested on pointyhat, this is a very intrusive change and some cases may have been overlooked. Please contact Gabor and me if you find any.

PR: 100555
Submitted by: gabor
Sponsored by: Google Summer of Code 2006

這使得本來在 Makefile 裡用 ${PREFIX} 的都要改用 ${TARGETDIR},而且蠻多地方需要人工檢查... 在現在的一萬五千個 ports 裡不知道有多少 ${PREFIX}...

Update:用 INDEX + grep 掃過之後發現,光是 的就有 2k+ 個要檢查...

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