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看到 Google Checkout: PayPal Killer?,原報導在 Welcome to Google Checkout, that will be $3.14 這篇。

文章裡提到了 googlecheckout.{net,org,info} 被 註冊掉 (.com 被其他家公司註冊走了),而這家公司正是註冊 的公司,之前替 弄 Whois Protection 的。

而現在這家公司又註冊掉 googlecheckout.*,大家當然會猜測 皆下來會有什麼動作 :p 不過依照 的慣例,呃... 其實很多事情還是說不準 :p

Update 上看到的實在太好笑了:(Another Google Tool To Take On PayPal?)

You midunderstand (Score:5, Funny)
by Anonymous Coward on Monday May 29, @10:50AM (#15422859)
Google Checkout is Google's new dating service. They let you check-out other singles in your area.


A Whole New Meaning (Score:5, Funny)
by Alethes (533985) Alter Relationship on Monday May 29, @11:42AM (#15423018)
Adds a whole new meaning to "I'm Feeling Lucky" now, doesn't it?

One thought on “Google Checkout”

  1. Dear Mr.or Ms. Lin,

    It is amazing to me, when searching Google checkout in Taiwan area, your website is in the first place to be found.

    I also visited your website that shows you are still a student, how marvelous that you can handle such a wonderful website by yourself.
    I suppose you must be a genius in between with your classmate.

    I am a taiwaness who work for THSRC(Taiwan High Speed Rail Cooperation )in the field of Testing and Commissioning work and it is going to be finished around end/OCT/2006.

    Nevertheless, I am a Mechnical Engineer, I like IT Related Technology.
    I can't clearly understading how a software is being completed, but I shall to take the software into application, if it were helpful to me.

    Eepecting you can expand your career, and make much progress in your studying.

    Best Regards,

    Morgan Mao

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