Google Toolbar 的「推薦」功能出包

因為 Toolbar 的 Suggest 功能「推薦」到非法軟體而被告:Google in Trouble for Suggesting Illegal Software

說他們不會過濾,因為 "censorship concerns" (咦,那 Google China...),而 Van Laere (被推薦到非法軟體的那家受害公司) 說你們平常就有在 filtering 了,像是 "pornography"、"naked"、"sex":

In response to the suit, a Google attorney told a Belgian newspaper on Wednesday that they could not filter the results of Google Suggest, citing censorship concerns.

Van Laere said the defense isn't accurate, since it appears that Google Suggest will not try to complete tracking numbers for shipping items or offer alternate suggestions for sexually-related terms. In a test, Google Suggest did not offer any related words for the terms "pornography," "naked" and "sex."

愈來愈像 了...

不管怎樣,這件事情要再繼續看看法庭上面怎麼判,這對於 (下一代) 搜尋引擎的影響會很大。

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