Web 2.0 的定義

Tim O'Reilly and defining Web 2.0 這篇看到的,Tim O'Reilly 在 演講時這樣定義:

But even more important than their enthusiasm, the users of successful internet applications supply their intelligence. A true Web 2.0 application is one that gets better the more people use it. Google gets smarter every time someone makes a link on the web. Google gets smarter every time someone makes a search. It gets smarter every time someone clicks on an ad. And it immediately acts on that information to improve the experience for everyone else.

It's for this reason that I argue that the real heart of Web 2.0 is harnessing collective intelligence.


  • 當用的人愈來愈多,網站就愈來愈豐富的 這類 Social Bookmark 當然是 Web 2.0。
  • 當然也是 Web 2.0,前者以群眾力量產生文章,後者則是以群眾力量發表評論。(不要忘記, 真正的重點都在 comments 裡 XD)

不過這麼說來, 就不算 Web 2.0 了?這點倒是跟想像有點出入... 不過不管怎樣,Web 2.0 必須以「人」為中心倒是沒什麼爭議。

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