FreeBSD 下的 PHP

的 PHP 一直都有一個很嚴重的問題:沒有辦法生出同時支援 與 apache module 的 PHP 版本。


AFFECTS: users of PHP

The old PHP slave ports (phpN-cli, phpN-cgi and mod_phpN) were removed in favour of unified PHP ports that allow building any combination of PHP SAPIs (cli, cgi and apache module). The PHP CGI binary was renamed to php-cgi, so you should update the path in your script. To simplify the update process, *only* for this release a 'php' compatibility symlink to php-cgi will be created if you don't select the CLI SAPI. Before the upgrade you *should* run 'make config' in lang/php4 or lang/php5 to configure the SAPIs you want to install. As a consequence the default binary packages include the CLI and the FastCGI SAPIs.

先用 make config 重新設定,再用 portupgrade -f 更新,這樣應該沒什麼大問題...。

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