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(也就是我現在用的這個 Theme 的發展團體) 現在是用 ,我有架過 (在 vanilla UTF-8 修正 這篇),也用過一陣子,的確不好用,所以他們決定換軟體:vBulletin Donation Drive

We've now been using these Vanilla forums for a good while now, and the traffic has skyrocketed way beyond anything I could've hoped or imagined for.

I've noticed however, that I am continually lost in the massive activity on here. It's hard to really keep track of what's new and what belongs where. It is of course not helped by the fact that the current beta I've installed is quite buggy; but I'll take full responsibility for that,

Anyway, I looked a bit at the other solutions out there, specifically what solutions that are being used on the forums I otherwise frequent. And as near as I can tell, vBulletin is the best solution out there at the moment. It's highly customizable, well supported and it works very very well. There's only one problem, it costs money.

$160 to be specific.

So Chris and I agreed to try doing a small donation drive to see if we couldn't raise the money to buy a license for vBulletin.

So what's in it for you? Well, if you feel like I do, that the current forums are a bit hard to navigate, your reward will be a better forum. Also however, we'll do a tribute page, on which your name will 'weigh' as much as your relative donation. (If you don't want your name on the donation page, make sure to note that down).

Make sure to include a URI to your site, if you have one.

Update:捐款已經到 140% 了 :)

Update:新的 forum 已經上線了,公告的文章在這:IMPORTANT: NEW FORUMS!,而 forum (vBulletin) 在這:

當然,一樣有 RSS 可以訂閱 :)

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