eMule 的 Encrypted Connection

那邊看到 不打算加入 Encrypted Connection 的功能:emule 發展者對加密傳輸的政策

在 eMule 的 forum 上,Frequently Asked Features, read this before posting a new Request 這篇文章裡:

Features you won't see in eMule:
Encrypted transfer - This only wastes resources and offers you no advantage. It doesn't offer you more privacy as the receiver of the data always has to decrypt it and the receiver could be any untrusted person. Encryption would only help against a Man-In-The-Middle attack which never happens for P2P-Networks as there are easier ways (see the sentence above).

不過似乎沒抓到重點,Encrypted Connection 的目的只是要閃開 P2P Filtering 的設備...

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  1. 加密是有點過火 像是穿褲子放屁(ㄜ...) 透過header analysis or traffic analysis還是跑不掉

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