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看到的技巧,利用新的一年,搜尋 "Copyright 2006" 這個詞,觀察各家搜尋引擎的更新速度有多快 (的確是個好方法 :p):How Quickly Do Different Search Engines Mirror the Web?

以目前的搜尋頁面數量來說, 最高, 次之。不過作者有提到關於 Link Spam 的事情:

Note the results shown here are not necessarily connected to search results quality; e.g. a search engine may decide that certain content (like a spam farm copying other sites) is not interesting enough to searchers to be picked up often.

另外要注意各家 Search Engine 對 Page Count 的算法並不一樣,所以這個數字僅供參考 :p

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