Star Trek: New Voyages

看到 接受了邀請,將在 fans 所製作的 擔任 Hikaru Sulu 的角色:George Takei To Play Star Trek's Sulu Again

Dear James,
Life is so full of unexpected new challenges. Your invitation for me to re-engage with the character of Hikaru Sulu after more than a decade is very exciting. To have Marc Zicree write and direct the project makes the invitation that much more thrilling. Walter Koenig has told me about his experiences with his New Voyages participation and how personally fulfilling it was for him. Thank you for creating this totally unanticipated opportunity for us as artists and for the fans whose love and devotion to 'Star Trek' has made this journey truly a phenomenal continuation of a great adventure. Together, we will 'boldly go' where we have never taken 'Star Trek' before."

George Takei

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