K2 Forum

的 forum 搬家了,用的是 Binary Bonsai Forums,搬家的原因在 ATTENTION: New Support Forums! 有提到:

First of all, there have been some complaints over the speed of flickr, and the occasional downtime. This should hopefully be cleared up on BB. And if nothing else, I can now actually do something about it if there's a problem.

Also, there are some forum features I've been wanting to implement, but haven't been able to.

I'll be styling it so it's a bit easier on the eyes as soon as I can find the time (K2 takes priority though).

雖然原來的還是會在,不過看起來整個重心會移過去 :p 那還是現在開始習慣 好了... (對,我還沒習慣)

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