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已經有一堆網站在利用 WMF vulnerability (0 day!) 攻擊使用者了,而 居然說:我們將在 1/10 的例行性安全更新。換句話說,大約有一個星期的時間你的電腦將暴露在外?

Windows漏洞攻擊已出現 修補程式還不來

剛剛在 看到這份非官方版本的 patch (WMFHotfix-1.4.msi):

Unofficial temporary fix for the critical Windows WMF vulnerability which Microsoft will patch on 1/10/06. Tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows XP Professional 64 Bit. The author recommends switching to the official MS patch when it becomes available. Includes c++ source.

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