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看到 推廣 PSP 的惡行惡狀: (或是 所委託的廣告公司) 僱用畫家在城市裡面到處亂塗鴉被發現 (Sony Caught Using "Fake" Graffiti to Promote PSP)。

原文在 Sony's Fony Graffiti 這篇,你可以看到有其他的畫家直接在上面惡搞 XD


2 Replies to “Sony 推廣 PSP 所使用的惡行”

  1. 不過,在某些國家的文化中,塗鴉並不算太糟的行為?

  2. Now THAT IS what I call an interesting take on things. What I would suggest though is talking to other people actively involved in the scene and bring to light any other points of view and then update your site or create a new post for us to stew over. I hope you'll take my ideas, I'm looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if possible, they're everywhere at the moment.

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