Robert Scoble to

(如果你不知道他是誰,在 上面有些說明,很簡單的解釋:他是 的招牌 Blogger) 把 Blog 從 (原來在 跳槽到 (在 to switch to WordPress

看文章內所說的內容,他好像抱怨原來的 comment 功能常常爛掉,於是大家轉用 mail 跟他討論,害他覺得很 !@#$%^... :p

2005/10/15 Update:看起來他的 theme 是特製的,跟原來的 blog 很像啊 :p 果然是長輩才有的待遇...

2005/10/18 Update:結果有人跑出來問他怎麼換 Theme XD

Hey Robert,
On an off topic, how did you edit your theme or which one are you using? It doesn’t look like any of the standard ones that I have access too?



Hi, I like your template. But how to activate or upload your template? thanks & regards, zhaol

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