DreamHost Shared Hosting 不限制 Domain 數量了

的 Shared Hosting 不限制 Domain 數量了:

Unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains for all! (New Feature)

Posted: Sep 27th, 2005 - 01:30:00 PM PST (6 hours 1 min ago)

Hey Just-Became-Happier DreamHost Customers!

In honor of our 8th birthday, as of right now, all our shared hosting plans have been upgraded to include unlimited fully-hosted domains and sub-domains, forever!

You don't have to do anything, we've retro-actively applied this to all current customer plans. Happy Birthday to us!

The Happy DreamHost Doooooommmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnsssss Team!

4 thoughts on “DreamHost Shared Hosting 不限制 Domain 數量了”

  1. 很重要的一个问题,DREAMHOST是否指可以用多个域名,但指向不同目录,有独立的EMAIL系统,完全象是独立的空间一样?


  2. 可以一個ftp/shell user account host多個domain,也可以把不同domain分別指到不同user的目錄下面,而user的數量最多可以有75個。

    反正現在dreamhost幾乎什麼都很好,最麻煩的就是他的cpu limit而已..

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