BitComet 0.60

0.60 其實釋出一陣子了,重灌後才發現出新版了... 這次根本是直接丟了一顆炸彈下來,把 P-Cube 這類的東西炸死:(from Changelog)

Core Improved: add protocol header encrypt option

這項功能預設是 "Auto":當雙方都使用 ,或是使用支援 Header Encryption 的 Client 時,就會自動啟動,如同 forum 上說的:

You'll only be able to perform the header encryption function between clients that support the function and have it enabled. So as ddominey86 said above, this feature won't be doing much until many more people start using clients that support it.

If a client were to modify the header information of bittorrent packets and send them to a 'normal' client (one that doesn't support this new function), the data would be unusable and discarded.

不知道原廠 會不會支援...

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