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上的 Experimental 4G Phone Service Faster Than Cable 看到日本 示範了超高速傳輸的行動通訊技術,可以在靜止時達到 1Gbps,或是在移動的時候達到 100Mbps (沒講多快?),原報導在:4G prototypes reach blistering speeds

預定在 2010 年可以看到:

Some countries have already begun cooperating on such standards. Japan and China signed a memorandum on 24 August to work together on 4G. NTT DoCoMo hopes to launch a commercial 4G network by 2010.

到時候不知道有沒有應用可以在上面用... (像是一直在推動的網路電視,實在不怎麼看好 :p)

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