OpenOffice 將使用 LGPL 授權

本來是採用 雙重授權 (使用者可以選擇其中一種),但剛剛在 上看到 Sun 決定將 SISSL 授權收起來:OpenOffice Goes LGPL

的官方網站上面 的License Simplification FAQ 是這樣寫:

On 2 September 2005 Sun announced the retirement of the Sun Industry Standard Source License (SISSL). As a consequence, no future Sun open-source project will use the SISSL. Projects currently using the SISSL under a dual-license scheme, such as, are dropping the SISSL and thus simplifying their license scheme as soon as the development cycle allows.

看起來是舊有的部分不動他,但新的版本釋出時只會剩下 授權。

至於 最大的差異,在 comment 的地方有人說明了:

Re:Comparison of terms? (Score:5, Informative)
by tmasssey (546878) Alter Relationship on Sunday September 04, @02:48AM (#13471645)

The biggest difference is that if you contribute and distribute your changes to an (L)GPL project, you must make your source publicly available. Under the SISSL, you could distribute binary-only versions of the project.

另外一件有趣的事情是這篇文章 ( 上的文章) 的原作者 在 submit 時標題是用 "OpenOffice single license: LGPL",但 很雞婆的 (而且也誤解了) 改成了現在的 "OpenOffice Goes LGPL"...

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